Backpacking Light 101: The Art of Ultralight

A Lightweight Primer to Backcountry Travel for the Uninitiated.

Reader Tips: Best Way to Pitch a Tarp with Fewest Stakes or Guylines

We asked, you answered! Responses to our solicitation for the best tarp pitch using the fewest poles, stakes, or guylines.

The Beautiful Cup: Backcountry Coffee for the Ultralight Backpacker

Techniques and gear for the lightweight backcountry coffee connoisseur, because under no circumstances should you let a non-coffee drinker brew your bliss.

Hand Sanitizers: My Journey Towards Discovering Best Practices for Wilderness Hygiene

Facilitating the transportation of fecal hitchhikers from your exhaust pipe orifice to your fuel filler neck orifice is one of the biggest backcountry threats. Stop these illegal immigrants en route, because we all know you can't close the border!

The 45-Year-Old Boy Scout

We asked, you answered: Lightweight Testimony Contest Runner Up!

Everything Weighs Something

We asked, you answered: Lightweight Testimony Contest Runner Up!

Into the Unknown, with Sturdy Footwear

We asked, you answered: Lightweight Testimony Contest Runner Up!

Every Ounce Counts

We asked, you answered: Lightweight Testimony Contest Winner!

Lighten Your Heaviest Gear: You!

As lightweight backpackers, we obsess over the weight of every piece of gear we carry, but many of us give little thought to the weight of the heaviest piece of gear of all: ourselves. How do we begin to treat our own weight with the same care that we treat the weight of our gear? By doing what we already do well: going light.

Backpacking: Baby on Board

Hiking through the French Pyrenees is challenging for any young couple hoping to enjoy some relaxation and romance in between climbing passes and breaking camp. The afternoon heat - often ending in a violent thunderstorm - brings more than one overloaded backpacker to boiling point. Now enter a six-kilo, breast-fed, three-month-old baby. Great family trip or a bad idea?

Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing for Leather

Treat your leather nicely, THEN abuse the ever-loving daylights out of it.

Transitional Hiker – An Australian Story

How books about or by famous UL walkers, a sewing machine, and the most devoted UL community on the planet got me back on the trail and going light.

One Night At A Time

Quit making it so hard: jeepers, just cram a few things in your pack and let's go!

Get Out Now!

Six steps to streamline your planning from dreaming up a trip to walking out the door.

All the Gear a Guy Could Want

I like gear. I collect gear with an almost rabid enthusiasm, and I almost always have a place to put it.

Wilderness Cred for the Packrafting Noobs

I was perfectly content to let others do all the lightweight lifting, but at the first chance of a packrafting class (learning to play without buying the gear!), I jumped... and pulled my husband, Rob, with me.

Turbo Bear Bag Hanging

Learn the tips and techniques to ensure that YOU, not bears, are eating your food at the end of the day.

Ultralight Economies of Scale: Budgeting for Your Pack & Wallet

How can lightweight backpacking translate and relate to financial management? Doesn't all that lightweight loot cost money?

Backcountry Fly Fishing with Tenkara: Ultralight Style and Simplicity

The literal translation of the Japanese word 'Tenkara' is 'from Heaven.' Fitting for a lightweight fly rod characterized by elegance, grace, and simplicity.

Up in Smoke: Backcountry Fire Building Videocast

Building a fire is nothing short of an art form, and no one can teach you everything you'd need to know to perfect it in a ten-minute video. Instead of attempting to do this (perfecting your form), we've simply highlighted some of the gear and techniques used to start a fire.

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