I truly enjoy the challenge of lightweight backpacking and the beautiful experience that comes along with it. This passion of mine involves a lot of numbers. I have a digital scale that gets a workout as I prepare for a trip. Anything that goes into the pack is weight, including food. I've taken a razor blade to my backpack, and trimmed away every little bit of excess that is not absolutely essential. I put the same diligence into my food prep.

Looking at your food and planning how much to carry on an expedition is a real-deal skill, just like pitching the tarp for a windy night.


  • Introduction
  • Where and How to Start?
  • How Much Food is Needed per Day?
  • BPL Wilderness Trekking School
  • Planning for a Hypothetical Trip
  • Food Weights and Glossary
  • What are Snacks?
  • Plan the Number of Days
  • Find the Weight of the Meals
  • How Many Calories?
  • How Much to Take Per Day?
  • Don't Take 1.4 PPPPD in January in the Great Basin Divide!
  • The Needs of Your Body Will Change Over a Long Trip
  • This Stuff Adds Up Over an Extended Trip
  • Calories in Some Foods
  • How Much of Each Food Type?
  • But What if You Run Out of Food?
  • Why PPPPD as an Alternative to Exacting Calorie Computations?

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