Picture the scene: a camp in the snow, high in the mountains with utterly filthy weather outside, and you are about to cook dinner. You set up the stove and try to light it, only find that it simply won't burn properly. Instead of a nice clean flame and a healthy roar, the flame is either very feeble or simply lifts off from the burner head and blows out. What to do?

Fairly obviously, you first curse yourself for not checking the stove properly before you left home. The quality of the rest of the evening depends on whether you know enough about your stove to decide what is the matter and how to fix it. Not all problems are actual 'faults.'


This is a technical article involving the disassembly of stoves. This may or may not breach the warranty on the stove, and, if done incorrectly, can leave your stove in an imperfect or hazardous state. Neither the author nor Backpacking Light will be responsible for your safety.


  • Introduction
  • Possible Problems
  • Canister is Too Cold
  • Canister is not Properly Connected to the Stove
  • Control Valve is Dirty
  • Jet is Dirty
    • Sources of Blockage
  • Cleaning Methods
    • Fuel Clean
    • Pricker Clean
    • Full Service
  • Grunge in the Works - Explained
    • Conventional Canister in Upright Use
    • Powermax Liquid Feed Canisters
    • Screw-Thread Canister Used Upside Down for a Liquid Feed
      • Hot Preheat Tube
      • Warm Preheat Area
      • Inadequate Preheat - Liquid Fuel at the Jet

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