Can A Sane Person Truly Enjoy SuperUltralight Backpacking?

SUL for the masses? Perspectives on comfortable gear - with a suggested gear checklist - for a non-technical canyoneering backpacking trip requiring less than five pounds of gear on your back.

An Old Dog Learns New Tricks – How Lightweight Technology Keeps me on the Trail at 70

How lightweight backpacking gear has kept the author on the trail at 70.

Trail Food: Keeping it Interesting and Energizing

The basics of selecting trail food that is appetizing, energizing, and easy to prepare.

Considerations for Selecting a Lightweight Backpacking Stove
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Frequently Asked Questions About Lightweight Canister Stoves and Fuels
One of our favorite canister stoves: the Coleman Outlander F1 Ultralight, only 2.7 ounces and hot! Canister stoves weigh as little as 2.5 ounces (71 g) and are very easy...
Getting the Most out of an MSR White Gas Stove: Maintenance Tips
Editor’s note: Don ‘Photon’ Johnston is a stove ‘geek’ and the inventor of the Photon Stove ™ alcohol stove. What follows is his advice based on over 10 years of...
Guide to Selecting and Using Ultralight GPS Systems

Systematic analysis of considerations for evaluating a GPS system of lightweight equipment and software for efficient navigation.

Backcountry Hygiene for Ultralight and Long-Distance Hikers

A short primer on the topic of backcountry hygiene to help you minimize the risk of contracting stomach-borne illnesses while in the backcountry.

Packrafting: An Introduction to Wilderness River Running with a Packable Inflatable Boat
Note: Clicking on images will open their enlarged versions in a separate browser window. To return to the article, simply close the browser containing the large image. Bigger isn’t always...
Fast and Light with Gary Scott: Lightweight Backpacking and Climbing Strategies
Fast and Light on the Khalde Peak Publisher’s Note: I had the pleasure to sit outside the GoLite warming hut at Brighton Base Camp at the Winter Outdoor Retailer Show...
Wireless in the Wilderness: An Overview of Communications Technologies for Backpackers
Introduction Solo. All by yourself. Middle of nowhere. 30 miles from the nearest road. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But, what if something goes wrong? What if you’re injured? What if...
Buying an LED Torch: Headlamp Design Considerations to Help Guide Your Purchasing Decisions
Be sure to check our Gear Guide to LED Headlamps. Introduction If your brain isn’t overwhelmed by all the variables in our primer on LED headlamps, it’s time to go...
Lightweight Backpacking with Young Children
Introduction Introducing your child to the wonders of nature is one thing­–helping them enjoy themselves while preserving your own sanity on a backpacking trip is quite another. Backpacking with kids...
Lightweight Backpacking for Couples
Introduction Most of us do not venture into the backcountry alone. Sharing the outdoors with another person heightens our outdoor experience. That person can be a good friend, parent, brother,...
Backcountry Travel on Snowshoes for Lightweight Backpackers

Backcountry Travel on Snowshoes for Lightweight Backpackers

Lightweight Backpacking 101: An Introductory Manual for Lightening Your Load Today (1st Edition – August 2001)

Lightweight Backpacking 101: An Introductory Manual for Lightening Your Load Today (1st Edition - August 2001)

Nutritional Considerations for Cold Weather Hiking

Nutritional Considerations for Cold Weather Hiking

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