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Compromise is inherent in lightweight backpacking. To save weight, you have to sacrifice something. The question is, what are you willing to sacrifice? Many years ago, on a trip to the Grand Teton, I sacrificed a stove, pot, and fuel.

At the time, my cook kit consisted of an MSR Whisperlight stove (9.82 oz.), fuel bottle and pump (6 oz.) with fuel (7.8 oz.), a two-liter pot with lid (7.68 oz.), and a plastic insulated mug (6.7 oz.), for a total weight of 38 oz. or 2.38 lbs. My plan was to save weight by leaving this all at home and only eating no-cook meals.


  • Sacrifice
  • My Ingenious Plan
  • The Esbit Stove Kit
  • Using the Esbit Cook Kit
  • Alcohol Stoves
  • Tips
  • Where You Can Get It
  • Summary

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