What is hypothermia, and how do you treat it with an ultralight backcountry gear kit?

MYOG: Hanging Stove System

In the winter, depending on snow conditions a fully-enclosed shelter can be preferred in which case a hanging stove system will still allow you to cook from the comfort of your shelter.

Pockets for Hyperlite Mountain Gear Packs

Make your own lightweight and effective side pockets for HMG porter.

Review of Fixing Your Feet: Prevention and Treatments for Athletes by John Vonhof

A very well-written book that is recommended for anyone interested in learning the best ways to take care of their feet.

The Best Backpack in the Whole Wide World

MYOG: A pack that weighs less than a pound, carries 30 pounds while transferring load to the hips, and is ideal for multi-day ultralight expeditions.

The Updated Foot-Care Kit

While moleskin still is an effective means to treating hot spots and blisters, new technology is emerging that is far more effective at treating sore feet.

Still My Favorite Cook Kit

An Esbit cook system is very lightweight, fuel efficient, and ideal for warm-weather, solo cooking.

Crater Lake Snowshoe Video Essay

Join some of the Backpacking Light crew for their three-day circumnavigation of Crater Lake. In January. On snowshoes!

GoLite Footwear Competition and Fire Reviews

GoLite Footwear has developed a unique underfoot suspension system that largely accomplishes their intentions. The shoes are comfortable, but there are durability concerns for the soles.


Avoiding and treating hypothermia in the backcountry with ultralight equipment.

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