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In the summer of 1978, my dad took his scout troop into the High Uintas for a week of hiking and fishing. He brought along my brother and me. We were eight and six years old respectively. The scouts and the leaders carried their equipment in their big external-frame backpacks while horses carried in the heavy canvas tents and food. My brother and I had small daypacks with our warm clothes inside. We carried official Boy Scout canteens strapped over our shoulders.

We packed in to Granddaddy Lake, a trek of six miles. It rained off and on throughout the day and my Keds shoes got wet. After a few miles, I started to get sores on me feet. During one of the rest stops, my dad had me take off my shoes and socks and inspected my feet. No blisters yet! He broke out the trusty Moleskin. This was new to me. It was fuzzy on one side and sticky on the other. He put it over top of the red spots on my feet and claimed it would make it so they didn't get more sore. Lo and behold, it worked! Despite having this miracle fabric on my feet, my legs got tired and I finished out the last couple of miles to Granddaddy Lake on the back of a horse.


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