MYOG: Down Vest

An easy introduction to working with down, this vest has no frills, bells, or whistles: just warm insulation where you need it most!

MYOG: Backpack Design

Tips and tricks expand upon previously published articles: check out Luke's six iterations and glean ideas for perfecting YOUR custom-made pack!

MYOG: Group Pot Stand and Windscreen

What's better than a communal, one-pot meal between hiking buddies under the stars? Learn how to make a pot stand/windscreen that's sturdy enough to hold a large pot filled with dinner and light enough to not bow your backpack.

MYOG: eVent Rain/Wind Jacket

Turning 2.5 yards of high performance fabric into a lightweight, breathable rain jacket.

MYOG: 3mil Plastic Tarps

Practice makes perfect: using polyethylene to prototype designs means I can spend less and try more variations before sewing a final product in technical materials.

MYOG Fleece Headgear

Come see the softer side of making your own cozy fleece items!

MYOG: Silnylon Floorless 2-Person Tent

A roomy floorless tent that sleeps two easily and four in a pinch, this 22-ounce beauty will be the pride of your pack!

MYOG: Silnylon Backpack

A gem of MYOG: with an 11-ounce weight and 3500-cubic-inch volume, this pack is simple to make and elegant to behold.

MYOG: Knotless PCT Bear Bag Hang

Perform an easier-yet-secure PCT Bear Bag Hang without using the traditional stick + clove hitch. This MYOG is simple, functional, and lightweight!

MYOG: Aluminum Windscreen for Canister Stoves

Functionality and practicality are the benefits of this windscreen that stores neatly within your cookpot.

MYOG: The Poddle

Hiking poles + paddle blades = the Poddle, the ultimate multi-tool for hiking and packrafting or kayaking!

Adventures in Laminating Silicone-Impregnated Fabrics

Silnylon and spinnaker fabric have long been mainstays in making ultralight gear, but they require careful construction to avoid failures at seams or damage from abrasion. Laminating the fabric offers a solution to those problems.

MYOG Technical Note – Catenary Curves

The whys and wheres of catenary curves, with downloadable spreadsheet for calculating your own MYOG curve masterpieces.

Make Your Own Gear – A Titanium Potty Trowel

The venerable Coghlans orange potty trowel is a fine idea, but it weighs 51 grams and has been known to crack and break under heavy use. Can we do better with some titanium sheet?

Make Your Own Gear – A Thumbscrew for the Steripen Adventurer

The Steripen Adventurer has many firm believers, but almost everyone agrees that the screw which holds the lid of the battery case shut is awful. So... replace it with something better, cooler, and made by hand!

Make Your Own Gear – Down Quilt or Sleeping Bag

Making a baffled down quilt is simple compared to making a baffled down sleeping bag. Both are described in this article, with the emphasis on the quilt.

MYOG: Bubble Wrap and Duct Tape Camera Case

A durable camera case made from cheap and free materials.

MYOG: The Incredible Rulk – Rucksack and Pulk Combo

It would be so nice to have a light pulk strapped onto my pack so that I more or less would be able instantly to switch back and forth between pack and pulk. Witness the creation of the Incredible Rulk!

Make Your Own Gear: Light Fleece Pullover Top

This light fleece top is designed as a light winter pullover for snow conditions. It is very simple and styled as an anorak, rather than opening right down the front.

Make Your Own Gear: Snow Stakes Revisited

After using the original snow stakes in extreme conditions, the design has been enhanced to extend the life of both your snow stakes and your guylines.

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