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I have used this windscreen for a couple of years, for maybe 100 nights of backpacking, and I am very happy with it. It weighs very little (0.625 ounce), conveniently packs inside my cooking pot, and is easy to use. These pluses are offset by a bit of a compromise in wind protection - this isn't the screen you would use in very windy conditions, like in a mountaineering environment.

I have a 0.9-liter Evernew Titanium pot, but this design can be customized to any pot - all you might need to change is the length of the windscreen. The diameter of the pot is 5.25 inches, making the circumference 16.5 inches. Add 1.0 inch on both ends for the bend (2.0 inches total), 1.0 inch for the overlap, and another 0.5 inch just in case, and you get 20.0 inches.

The windscreen is made of aluminum flashing, leftover from some home project. It's about 0.01 inch thick, and I needed a piece that was 20 x 2.25 inches. You could hopefully find a piece that didn't require that you buy a huge roll for big dollars. You could use thicker aluminum if you like, but then it starts weighing too much. My windscreen 0.625 ounce, which fits into my backpacking weight budget. You could use thinner aluminum, more like foil, but it doesn't hold its shape as well and wouldn't support the pot when you set pot/windscreen directly on the ground.


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