MYOG Synthetic Fill Vest (Make Your Own Gear)

Step by step guide on how to MYOG synthetic fill vest. This is an easy first project if you are interested in making synthetic clothing.

Evaporative Heat Loss in Upright Canisters (Part 4 – Propane and Cold Temperatures)

This technical series addendum addresses the role of propane and cold temperatures in canister stove performance.

Evaporative Heat Loss in Upright Canisters (Part 3 – Transferring Gas Between Stove Canisters)

Instead of buying a new fuel can for each trip, discover techniques for transferring gas between stove canisters.

Evaporative Heat Loss in Upright Canisters (Part 2 – Evaluating the Efficacy of Canister Warming Techniques at Temperatures Below Freezing)

This article tests various canister warming techniques for preserving the efficiency of canister stoves in sub-freezing temperatures.

Evaporative Heat Loss in Upright Canister Stoves (Part 1: Measuring the Temperature Drop of Evaporative Cooling)

Evaporative heat loss in upright canister stoves extends boiling times and changes fuel mixture composition. Here's how to combat it.

Torso Simulator to test Heat Loss in Outdoor Gear – Radiation

Measuring the affects of radiant heat loss to help you better prepare for the backcountry.

MYOG: Supplex Pants

Step by step guide to simple, lightweight, inexpensive trekking pants.

MYOG: 3mil Plastic Tarps

Practice makes perfect: using polyethylene to prototype designs means I can spend less and try more variations before sewing a final product in technical materials.

September Around Mount Hood

Trip report and photo essay of a wildflower-filled circumnavigation of Oregon's famed peak.

MYOG Fleece Headgear

Come see the softer side of making your own cozy fleece items!

MYOG: Silnylon Floorless 2-Person Tent

A roomy floorless tent that sleeps two easily and four in a pinch, this 22-ounce beauty will be the pride of your pack!

MYOG: Silnylon Backpack

A gem of MYOG: with an 11-ounce weight and 3500-cubic-inch volume, this pack is simple to make and elegant to behold.

MYOG: Aluminum Windscreen for Canister Stoves

Functionality and practicality are the benefits of this windscreen that stores neatly within your cookpot.

Three Sisters Backpacking

In 2008 and 2009, I got better acquainted with the lovely ladies that make up the Three Sisters in the Cascade Range.

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