Home-Dried: How to Prepare Your Own Lightweight Backpacking Meals

Some backpackers require specialized trail food. Others simply want to target a specific dietary preference. Learning how to make your own lightweight backpacking food is a valuable skill, and perhaps, easier than you think.

Nigor Didis 2 Tent, Part 2: A DIY/MYOG Case Study for Aftermarket Modifications to Improve Tent Performance

The author presents manageable solutions to improve performance of the Nigor Didis 2 Tunnel Tent using an MYOG / DIY approach that can be applied to any tent.

Nigor Didis 2 Tunnel Tent Review Part 1

Tunnel tents are known for their robust frames and thriving in inclement weather. Does this tent from outdoor industry newcomer Nigor uphold to these standards?

MYOG: Backpacker’s Pot Stand

A simple design makes this one of the easiest MYOG projects we've published. The result is a lightweight, compact pot stand for your alcohol stove.

MYOG Ultralight, Fixed-Length, Collapsible Trekking Poles

The author presents a method to make your own ultralight, carbon fiber trekking poles.

Backpacking Wood Stove for Alpine/Snow Camping, Part 2: Micro Snow Stove

The pursuit for warmth, snow-melting power, and comfort during winter expeditions is never-ending. This homemade, lightweight stove offers warmth and comfort for those long winter days.

Backpacking Wood Stove for Alpine/Snow Camping, Part 1: Alpine Tent Use

A wood stove that can be used in a tent? Dream or virtual reality?

Making a 2-man Cuben Fiber Tent

Making your own tent will challenge your ingenuity, but it gives you total control over your shelter. The process can be simplified with this step-by-step guide for making your own lightweight tent.

MYOG: Hanging Stove System

In the winter, depending on snow conditions a fully-enclosed shelter can be preferred in which case a hanging stove system will still allow you to cook from the comfort of your shelter.

Candle Stoves

The quest for the best ultralight stove continues...and it depends on how you define the "best". What the Candle stove lacks in for speed it certainly makes up for in efficiency.

Pockets for Hyperlite Mountain Gear Packs

Make your own lightweight and effective side pockets for HMG porter.

The Best Backpack in the Whole Wide World

MYOG: A pack that weighs less than a pound, carries 30 pounds while transferring load to the hips, and is ideal for multi-day ultralight expeditions.

Martin Titanium Knife

Weighing about the equivalent of half an ounce (16 M&M's) this knife has a 2.75 inch blade that easily guts fish and small game. Better yet it self-sharpens.

MYOG: Backpack fabrics, features, and dimensions

Making your own gear is a frustrating and expensive yet very rewarding process. Making your own pack allows you to tailor it to your needs and is a fantastic way to learn about gear.

Vaseline-soaked Cotton Balls

Vaseline fire starters are a very versatile tool and can light a fire in almost any weather condition. Better yet, you can make them from very inexpensive materials from the comfort of your own home.

MYOG: A flexible frame for ultralight backpacks

Ultralight packs are great for your back, but for strapping outdoor gear onto your pack a frame is nice. Lightweight frames are hard to come by. The solution: make your own.

MYOG: Contoured Side Panels for Improved Load Carry in Frameless Packs

Overpacking is a major issue with frameless packs. Implementing side panels can help distribute your load in a more effective way.

MYOG: Supplex Pants

Step by step guide to simple, lightweight, inexpensive trekking pants.

Google SketchUp Tutorial for MYOG Enthusiasts

MYOGers rejoice! SketchUp software, once mastered, can save you hours of guesswork and yards of material.

MYOG: Down Vest

An easy introduction to working with down, this vest has no frills, bells, or whistles: just warm insulation where you need it most!

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