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In part 1 of my story I defined the key feature that I required in my dream micro wood burning stove. I also described the theory of efficient wood combustion and my journey towards my dream stove design. Despite not having full control of the combustion in my micro stoves, I was spurred on by the amazingly protracted and intense heat energy that could be released by the efficient combustion of a hand full of bush sticks. All that remained was to design and build a stove that would harness this abundant energy to provide warmth, cooking, and delight to those of us that love to venture into cold, remote, and wild places with a light load on our backs. Here is my first dream stove.


  • Introduction
  • Description of Micro Snow Stove Mk 15
  • How Does The Micro Snow Stove Work?
  • Burner Efficacy and Stove Survival
  • Summing Up
  • What's next?

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