Return to the Fight! Lightweight Rematch in the High Annapurnas

After a knee injury put me on the ropes, I got back into the ring with a long, slow hike over many miles, hoping that the Himalayan trail would not be an impossible opponent.

Crater Lake Snowshoe Video Essay

Join some of the Backpacking Light crew for their three-day circumnavigation of Crater Lake. In January. On snowshoes!

Sierra Prime: Off Trail in California’s High Country

The greatest rewards come when you choose to get off the beaten path and build a personalized hike that mixes challenge and fun at whatever level works for you.

Seven Days on the Katy

I went looking for a long-distance hike in the midwest and found the 225-mile Katy Trail. No time like the present to try out my first thru-hike!

Backyard Wilderness: The New England Trail

600 miles of trail and it's not the Long Trail or the AT! Sure, it's got some rough spots, but it's a nice taste of something different when you want to cover some mileage in the northeastern U.S.

24: Nine Months ’til Summer

Episode 3: The first big snowfall of the season (in September!) had us traversing the Hyalite-Cottonwood divide for snow hiking and camping.

Le Parcour de Wild Race Report

With temperatures that ranged from -5 F to 40 F, the Bob Marshall Wilderness threw some formidable weather our way and reminded us: this stuff ain't for the faint of heart!

24: Garnet Mountain Forest Service Lookout, Montana

Episode 2: we focused on fast food preparation and the elimination of a whole lotta gear by hiking into a U.S. Forest Service lookout cabin.

24: Fall Equinox in the Hyalite Cirque of Montana’s Gallatin Mountains

You have 24 hours to quickly engage in a Wild Place with minimal disruption to your job or your family. Where will YOU go?

Race Report: 2009 Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic

"We all know better than to do this race."

Grand Canyon Rim-2-Rim-2-Rim

While perhaps a touch extreme, running Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim (RRR) is not uncommon within trail running circles. But within hiking circles, this trek does not seem to garner much attention, when there are few trips, mile-for-mile, hour-for-hour, that compare. In one day, you pass through 1.6 billion years of geology (four times) and span the grandest Big Ditch in the world (twice).

The Journey’s End: Summarizing 4000 Miles Along the Wild Coast (Podcast)

A few weeks after completing their 4000-mile journey by foot, ski and packraft from Seattle to the Aleutian Islands, Erin and Hig share a tale of a destructive bear encounter, their favorite gear, future plans, and why being good at transitions was a vital ingredient to the trip's success.

Mountain Magic on the Pyrenean High Route

Backpacking Light member David McClure's forty-two-day traverse of the French/Spanish border mountains.

Podcast: Journey on the Wild Coast – Raising an Adventurer

Erin and Hig's mothers weigh in with childhood anecdotes that give us a glimpse of young explorers in the making.

Track Notes for the GR52 in France

Roger Caffin leaves the GR5 behind and takes the GR52 to the Mediterranean Sea.

Packraft Trekking in Montana’s Bear Trap Canyon (Videocast)

Ryan Jordan and Bill Stadwiser explore the Bear Trap Canyon Wilderness (the nation's first BLM-managed Wilderness Area) by foot and packraft.

Podcast: Journey on the Wild Coast – When the Weather Outside is Frightful and There is No Inside, What Gear Works?

Carol Crooker exposes the insanity of Bretwood Higman and Erin McKittrick. Three pounds of shared sleeping quilt for minus 30 degree weather?!

Yellowstone in Winter: An Igloo Traverse in America’s Oldest National Park

Chris Townsend explores Yellowstone during the winter in a group igloo expedition with skis, snowshoes, and pulks.

Packrafting the Grand Canyon

Roman Dial leads first legal (permitted) packrafting trek in the Grand Canyon.

Ultralight Packrafting in Cataract Canyon

A river explorer takes on the Colorado River in a packraft.

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