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Late in the afternoon, we entered the cute town of Saint Dalmas Valdeblore (1,209 meters). This town has an interesting ancient walled core and a boring newer bit outside by the river (anything later than 1900 is 'new' there). The camping was a long way out of town, so we stopped in a gite in the middle of the old town, run by a retired guide. One suspects the campgrounds are deliberately placed outside the towns, a long way from the shops...

Once we had dropped our packs, we went food shopping for the forthcoming GR52 stage and got some nice hard cheese from the local cheese-maker. Their cows, their cheeses. The owner of the cheese shop assured us it would be cooler up top the next day. We didn't believe her.

It had indeed been a hot day, and instead of the normal tureen of hot soup as first course, the owner of the gite served a huge bowl of ice-cold cooked green beans and tomato slices, which we thought was rather good for this weather. The bowl was emptied with enthusiasm - not a bean was left.


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