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The Alaska Mountain Wilderness Classic could be considered "the original adventure race." It was first held in 1982, seven years before the first Raid Gauloises, thirteen years before the first Eco-Challenge, and twenty years before the first Primal Quest. I'll add that the Classic could also be considered the only "real" adventure race - today's most well-known races are really just a prescribed sequence of outdoor sports - and burdensome rules, substantial mandatory gear lists, aid stations and support crews, and numerous checkpoints neutralize much of the "adventure" from these television-oriented events.


  • About the Classic
  • About the 2009 Classic: Gerstle River to McKinley Village
  • The 2009 Race: My Story
    • Some Background
    • Gerstle to Donnelly
    • Donnelly to Gillam Glacier
    • Gillam Glacier to the Yanert River
  • The Finish

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