The California Crest: a northbound mental map

An author and composer writes a music suite based off his memories on the PCT.

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 18

News This Week: Wrangell Alaska is left high and dry, a backpacker survives fifty meter fall, spend the day trekking Tahoma, a Camp Chef Stove that weighs 8.3 ounces, and much more.

Taking It Up a Notch: Camp Fire Teens Face the Weather at Guadalupe Mountains National Park

A challenging yet rewarding trip exposes these youth to the joys of backpacking and kindles their love of the outdoors.

Flash Reviews No. 8

Introductory Reviews for Paleo Meals To Go, Good Wipes, and Lite Trail NyloPro Bags.

Walking Still in the Desert

A place of stillness and calm, the desert can be a harsh, dry environment but for many it is a haven for contemplation and peace.

Six Packraft Loops in the Bob Marshall Wilderness

The Bob Marshall Wilderness is home to some of the best wilderness packrafting in the lower 48 with options for novices and experts alike. Explore this beautiful country just remember to be mindful of our responsibility to care for this land.

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 17

News this week: Rising Arctic Temperatures, California’s El Nino, Yellowstone Rangers Save a Man’s Life, Turn a Low-Cost Tent into a Great Tent, and Much More.

Flash Reviews No. 7

Introductory Reviews for the Kestrel Knives Ultralighter, Eddie Bauer Men's Quantum T, and the Survive Outdoors Longer Pocket Survival Pak Plus.

Sunrei Headlamp Review

A versatile headlamp with an innovative design that fulfills your needs without adding significant weight to your pack.

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 16

News this week: Get a look inside the 2015 Everest Climbing Season, Have Some Tea After Completing the Mt. Huashan Trail, Get to Know Author Frederick H. Swanson, and Much More!

Flash Reviews No. 6

Introductory Reviews for the Fenix HL23 Headlamp, MSR Windboiler Stove, Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles.

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 15

News this week: Mt. Everest Avalanche Adds to Tragedy in Nepal, The U.S. Outdoor Act of 2015, Take a Trip Through the North York Moors, Craig Weiland Discovers a New Diatom, and much more!

Solo across the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Brooks Range, Alaska

A solo, multi-week expedition along the Brooks Range proves to be mentally and physically challenging as the author faced uncertain conditions and rugged terrain.

Flash Reviews No. 5

Introductory Reviews of the Excalibur Dehydrator #3526TCDB, Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze, LuminAid PackLite 16 Version 2.

ISPO 2015: Part 3

ISPO brings the top outdoor retailers together and gives us an opportunity to evaluate their gear firsthand.

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 14

News this week: The U.S. Senate votes yes on SA 838, Eric Barone becomes the fastest man on a mountain bike, YouTube opens 360 video uploading, an off-trail route in King's Canyon, Exped Lightning Review, and much more!

Lightweight Backpacking News: Digest No. 13

News this week: Expedition Brings Sight to the Blind in Nepal, Skiing in the Cascades, Gear needed to Hike PCT in the Winter, 83-Year-Old who Runs a Ski Resort, and much more!

ISPO 2015: Part 2

ISPO brings the top outdoor retailers together and gives us an opportunity to evaluate their gear firsthand.

Lake Superior Coastal Trail Adventure

The Superior Coastal trail offers stunning views of Lake Superior that for this duo of hikers symbolized a shared spiritual transformation that cannot be erased.

New Balance Leadville MT1210 Runners version 2 Spotlight Review

Very similar to the first version, these lightweight shoes perform well for trail running or hiking.

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