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New Studies Show That Increased Arctic Temperatures May be Affecting Weather Mid-Latitude Weather Patterns

Professor Edward Hannah and Ph.D. Student Richard Hall ( University of Sheffield ) are in the process of researching what effect increasing temperatures in the Arctic have on other parts of the world. They have theorized that the increased temperatures in the Arctic during 2014 added to the extreme weather that was happening in the U.S. and U.K. Arctic temperatures are increasing two to three times faster than the temperatures in mid-level latitudes. Their theories point to this as a cause for a wavier jet stream and weaker upper level westerly winds, which was likely the reason for the cold weather in the Eastern Seaboard and Midwestern United States in the last two years. Professor Hannah is quoted as saying "Our work presents tantalising new evidence of links between global warming, which is enhanced in high northern latitudes, and recent extreme winter weather events in the UK and further afield, as well as a timely review of much recent literature which has appeared in this important field of research. However, since the climate system is highly complex, many missing parts of the puzzle remain and much further work needs to be done."