Faces No. 4: Heather “Anish” Anderson

Anish set the self-supported record for the Appalachian Trail at the end of September, and is the first person to hold simultaneous records on the AT and the PCT.

Faces No. 3: Douglas Malott

An interview with backpacker Douglas Malott who is passionate about the outdoors, and ensuring we are out there for the right reasons.

Faces No. 1: Dan Durston

An Interview with Dan Durston from

Clinker: A story of hardship and triumph on the AT

Cheryl McCormick at age 63 decides to conquer one of the most famous thru-hikes, the Appalachian Trail. Her story inspires us all and reminds us to chase our dreams.

Unseen Africa: Francis Tapon’s Four Year Journey Circumnavigating Africa

Taking an ultralight mindset to Africa requires an adjustment, but the lessons learned and the experiences had in Africa are rarely matched.

Beyond Our Boundaries: The Story of a Family of Five Thru-Hiking the AT in 2014

Thru-hiking with your family is a logistical and financial challenge, but if you are looking to become closer or want to have an adventure, look no further!

Interview with Mike Clelland!

A lively chat to introduce a new feature coming up on Backpacking Light: Mike's Ultralight Tip of the Week!

Dana Parnello on Controlled Product Testing at REI

Dana shares his thoughts on lightweight trends, gear testing, breakthrough products and assorted other topics.

PODCAST: Journey on the Wild Coast – The Newlywed Game

Erin and Hig take part in Backpacking Light's version of the Newlywed Game and reveal themselves to us.

Podcast: Light in the Wild with Monte Dolack

Ron Craighead interviews Montana artist Monte Dolack on growing up in the Big Sky State and on the Backpacking Light-commissioned fine art print, "Light in the Wild."

Podcast: Making Unconventional Choices for a Better Life

John Coffer is out of step with modern life - and that is just the way he likes it. Carol Crooker talks with John about his journey to contentment.

Podcast: The Fight to Permit Packrafting in the Grand Canyon

Carol Crooker interviews Roman Dial about his experience with the NPS for securing a permit to packraft the Grand Canyon.

Podcast: Cameron McNeish and the Emotional Value of Wilderness Hiking

Ron Craighead explores the emotional value of wilderness with author, adventurer, and magazine editor Cameron McNeish of Scotland.

Not Your Ordinary Lightweight Backpacker: An Interview with Bill Merchant

Not Your Ordinary Lightweight Backpacker: An Interview with Bill Merchant

On the Trail With Lynne Whelden (Interview)
Lynne Whelden is known in the backpacking world for his documentary films and instruction videos on the various aspects of hiking. His “How to…” videos are considered a valuable resource...

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