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Faces No. 1

Faces is an interview series that will focus on letting you the BPL reader get to know more about people in the outdoor community. Some of the people interviewed may be people that have a relationship in the BPL forums. You can expect content from people that work in the outdoor industry, photographer's, gear makers, athletes, or bloggers, scientists, and of course backpackers. The goal here is to give you a perspective of these individuals lives, background and what they currently do. To share their thoughts, passions, and the stories that are most memorable to them with you. This first interview is with Dan Durston. You may recognize him from the BPL forums. Dan is a thru-hiker, ecologist, and he runs A blog which focuses on ecology, trip reports, MYOG, and a whole lot of other awesome information.

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Dan Durston in his notorious and weathered straw hat stops for a picture while hiking the PCT in 2014. (photos courtesy of Dan Durston)

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