This Podcast is sponsored by Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism. One step on the Tablelands, a barren mound of rust-colored rocks thrown up from the earth’s mantle half a billion years ago, and you are literally standing on the center of the earth. Not a bad place to forget about modern life. To hike in the most easterly point in North America, call Maggie at 1-800-563-6353 or visit NewfoundlandLabrador.com/hiking.

Cameron McNeish is a wilderness hiker, backpacker, mountaineer, author and broadcaster based in Newtonmore in the Scottish Highlands. Through his work as editor of the award-winning TGO (The Great Outdoors) Magazine and his popular BBC2 television programs, Wilderness Walks, Cameron is recognized as one of the UK’s best-known mountain walkers and commentators. In between expeditions to wilderness areas of the world, Cameron can be found climbing the hills and islands of Scotland every weekend, collecting material for his weekly newspaper column.