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This vlog features commentary by Founder & Publisher Ryan Jordan about the applicability of minimalist footwear for backpacking.

Video Notes:

  • Minimalist footwear is not for backpacking.
  • Defined: minimalist footwear lacks structure and stack height / cushioning.
  • Structure is needed as a hedge against fatigue resistance on long mileage days.
  • Cushioning is needed for protection on rough terrain.
  • A minimalist shoe may be light, but a light shoe isn’t necessarily a minimalist one.
  • A minimalist shoe may be useful in training when you want to maximize foot muscle fatigue.
  • A high-stack (cushioning) shoe is useful in training for recovery or when you want to maximize whole body fatigue.
  • A high-stack shoe may not be the best choice for backpacking due to a loss of stability.
  • A shoe that offers cushioning, enough structure to resist fatigue = a good choice for lightweight backpacking.

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