Just returned from a 4 day, 3 night, relaxed pace backpack trip with 6 total (3 adults, 3 kids ages 10, 13, 14). The Resurrection Pass trail (40 miles one way) is a fairly easy trail, well-maintained, minimal overgrowth, with plenty of streams and lakes for water. Elevation gain is only about 3000 feet in 15 miles (N to S) then a gradual descent. Nothing too steep up or down. The trail is also called “little Switzerland.” Don’t believe the Forest Service “difficult” rating, unless you’re a brand new backpacker. Maybe it’s harder on a mountain bike.

Experienced backpackers might do it in a day or two. At our pace makes a great beginner backpack. We deliberately took our time both for the kids (e.g., 10 year old) and so that we could enjoy long breaks near lakes, swimming and wading, napping, birding, hanging out at beautiful spots. Not gonna lie, it was nice to drink coffee in camp and listen to the birds before setting out in the morning, no rush. I think between us we photographed every species of wildflower (there were loads!).

This might have been the only place in Alaska with clear blue skies this weekend; wildfire smoke everywhere else. Bugs weren’t too bad, although there were horse flies and small biting flies close to streams. Mosquitoes rare. It’s Alaska, bring bug stuff if the lakes aren’t frozen.

There are plenty of places to camp that have bear lockers to put food (saw bear scat and very large tracks, no bears). Established campsites have really nice thunder boxes. Talk about a poo with a view! Amazing. There are also rental cabins along the trail, but we didn’t use these except to poke our heads in for lunch breaks; the cabins are gorgeous! The Forest service needs to do more to educate trail users; definitely some trash left behind here and there, and where there were no thunder boxes, some poop piles. Not horrible, but could be better. Packed out the microtrash left by others, couldn’t get everything.

The last day I developed a runny nose. Something not quite right…joined the covid club! Glad it was the last day and wish I hadn’t spent time close to my campmates that day! Hey if you can hike 7 miles with Covid, it can’t be too terrible.