Years ago, one of the dads of my daughter’s middle-school friend-group proposed reserving a cabin in the wildlife refuge, canoeing across the lake to get there, catching fish, cooking over the fire, swimming, learning to canoe, etc.  It was such a great idea all the rest of us said “Hell yes!” and scheduled a vacation day that Friday for a long weekend.

The next year it was a backpacking trip with intro-to-UL and building a “monkey bridge” across a stream.  Then sea kayaking (we did roll clinics in the school pool beforehand) across Kachemak Bay from Homer.  Two years ago, it was RVing to Denali NP (park bus tour of the scenery and critters in the park plus whitewater rafting and ziplining outside the park).  Nothing in pandemic 2020, but I proposed going as far west as you can (without a passport) and stomping around Adak Island in the Aleutians, 1100 miles west of us in Kenai.

“Sorry, you are not allowed to upload files.”

Okay, why is a lifetime member not allowed to post photos?!?  It was 580k, under the 1 MB limit.  Sigh.  I’ll try the trip report and photos as comments on this post.

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