I have fought blisters and other foot issues in my hiking, skiing, climbing,ultra running and found Altra Lone Peak to resolve the most problems.  In Lone Peaks I have section hiked the PCT, most of the AZT, many ultras including Cascade Crest 100 and most recently Moab 240 mile. During that 109 hours I witnessed many other runners with the foot medics as the aid stations with grim feet and many hobbling the final descent to the Colorado River… for me no blisters, foot issues or falls (despite 71 years wear and tear).  The critical difference is the wide toe box both for blisters and for foot mechanics issues.  Many of my friends that have switched to Altra, including non-runners, have cured many of their foot ailments. I learned this test from Dr. Ray McClanahan a Portland podiatrist and runner…take out your foot insert from both your shoes and stand on them with bare feet and make sure your foot with full weight pressure has enough room.  Keep in mind your foot will swell at altitude and with significant abuse of hiking and running.  Your foot and toes at the widest point need enough room and should not be pinched.