Pacerpole 2-Section Trekking Pole REVIEW

Unique molded grips add extreme comfort and power to these heavier two-section aluminum/carbon fiber hybrids. But are they worth the weight?

Komperdell C3 Duolock Women Trekking Pole REVIEW

Three-section carbon fiber trekking poles that combine sturdy construction, rigidity, and vibration absorption in a very light and compact package. This “Women’s” pole is sized for most hikers, regardless of gender.

Gossamer Gear Lightrek ‘06 Trekking Pole REVIEW

The lightest poles on the market, now with stiffer shafts and more contoured grips. Are the shafts stiff and durable enough for serious trail usage?

Komperdell C2 Carbon Tour Duolock Trekking Pole REVIEW

Two-section carbon poles that are very light weight, adjust for different size users, and perform great in the backcountry.

Alpkit Carbonlite Trekking Pole REVIEW

Stiff, lightweight, and reasonably priced, the Alpkit Carbonlite poles are the carbon trekking pole value leaders. How did they stand up to months of abuse?

Coleman Fyrestorm Ti Stove REVIEW

Innovative dual-fuel stove for canisters and white gas and variants that works very well with canister fuel and reasonably well with white gas.

Primus Gravity MF Stove REVIEW

Innovative multi-fuel stove for canisters, white gas and kerosene that performs well with canister fuel but is difficult to use with the other fuels.

Komperdell Avalanche Carbon Shovel REVIEW

This carbon fiber snow shovel is the lightest, most versatile, and most beautiful on the market… but also the most expensive.

Mountain Laurel Designs 2006 Prophet Backpack REVIEW

Does the perfect frameless backpack exist? The Mountain Laurel Designs Prophet comes pretty darn close.

Mountain Laurel Designs Revelation Backpack REVIEW

Built for the gear-obsessed SUL crowd, the 3.2 ounce Mountain Laurel Designs Revelation pack is the lightest pack on the market while still offering a usable set of features. Further, it is the first commercially-available pack to be constructed of high-tech Cuben Fiber fabric. Impressive – yes, but how does it stand up to the rigors of off-trail hiking?

Ultralight Adventure Equipment (ULA) Conduit Backpack REVIEW

Looking for a weekend frameless pack that is both lightweight and durable? Check out the new ULA Conduit.

Six Moon Designs Essence Backpack REVIEW

Panel-loading ultralight frameless backpack with a large top pocket - a great feature set - but it also has a few limitations that affect its field performance.

Dunham Waffle Stomper Terrastryder Mid Boot REVIEW

With the new 2006 edition of the Terrastryder, Dunham has corrected the seam failure problem of its predecessor. The new boot merits high marks, except for one annoying carryover problem.

Dunham Waffle Stomper Terrastryder Extra Boot REVIEW

The feature set of this new boot from Dunham suggests that it might be an ideal lightweight, insulated, waterproof boot for snowshoeing and snow hiking. That would be true, if it were not for one serious problem…

Tarptent Rainbow Tent REVIEW

This radically different Tarptent is destined for greatness, but needs a few refinements here and there.

Ultralight Adventure Equipment (ULA) Relay Backpack REVIEW

Both lightweight AND durable, the new ULA Relay is a full-featured frameless daypack capable of comfortably carrying a heavy load - but there are a few nits to pick.

Modified Vargo Triad XE Stove REVIEW

Robust, lightweight, stable titanium alcohol stove that can be hard to get going - until a small modification is made.

Vargo Triad Stove REVIEW

Lightweight, simple titanium alcohol stove with very stable, secure legs but just adequate heat output.

CW-X Sport Support Bra and Firm Support Bra REVIEW

Good looking, quality construction, supportive - and comfortable too?

Mini Bull Designs Sketti Stove REVIEW

Powerful, dead easy to light, sturdy alcohol stove - just be careful lifting a pot off before it burns out.

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