Gossamer Gear / Tarptent Squall Classic Tent REVIEW

At just over 1 ½ pounds, the Squall Classic improves on the original Tarptent Squall design with bathtub floor, spinnaker cloth construction, Easton aluminum stakes, and guyline adjusters. It drops significant weight from the Tarptent Squall 2 but does it go far enough to justify the cost?

Tarptent Contrail Tent REVIEW

Tarptent introduces the 1+ person Contrail, a throwback to the original minimalist Tarptent, but loaded with refinements and new design elements.

Fibraplex Fibrapole 292 Carbon Fiber Tent Poles REVIEW

Fibraplex carbon fiber tent poles can save ounces of tent weight - are they durable enough?

Crescent Moon Silver 10 Backcountry Snowshoes REVIEW

Lots of nice features, climbs like a goat, and would be near perfect if they were lighter.

Yowie Snowshoes REVIEW

Radically different snowshoes using an injection-moulded flexible deck with all-over grip, a fast webbing binding and tough crampons, claiming great agility on all slopes.

Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape Rainwear/Shelter REVIEW

The Gatewood Cape has the same dual functionality as a poncho/tarp, but promises better shelter.

GoLite Multi-Sport Backpack REVIEW

If you can fit your gear into 30 liters, for 1 pound 5 ounces you get a bomber pack with almost every conceivable feature (except a frame).

Valandré Mirage Sleeping Bag REVIEW

Beautifully constructed, lightweight, and highly-efficient mummy for three-season conditions. But does it have the versatility you need?

Tent Comparison: Tarptent Squall 2 and Six Moon Designs Europa

These two outstanding tents vie for the title of best two-person ultralight single-wall shelter – which one has the edge?

Six Moon Designs Europa Tent REVIEW

Possibly the finest 2-pound two-person shelter on the market - providing you don't intend to use it above tree line in intense winds.

Tarptent Squall 2 Tent REVIEW

Winner of the 2005 Lightitude Award for best single wall shelter, the Squall 2 improves on the classic Squall with several important updates.

Hilleberg Kaitum Tent REVIEW

With a massive total area of 58.3 square feet and a weight of less than 6 pounds, the Hilleberg Kaitum delivers serious livable space for the weight. But how does it stand up to the rough alpine and winter environments it was designed for?

Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian Backpack REVIEW

If you’re looking for a lightweight backpack to carry 25 to 35 pound loads, this is one you gotta check out. It rocks!

Balloonbed Inflatable Sleeping Pad REVIEW

Amazingly light and compact sleeping pad. Just be prepared for giggles from your friends.

Meridian Designs AquaStar Plus Ultraviolet Light Water Purifier REVIEW

Treat your water using this robust, 3.9-ounce, ultraviolet light based, water purifier.

Komperdell C3 Airshock Men Trekking Pole REVIEW

While the Komperdell C3 Airshock poles are not the lightest trekking poles around, they pack adjustability, grips with comfortable straps, and an antishock system into a very lightweight pole.

Titanium Goat Take Down Goat Pole REVIEW

Strong, light, fixed-length carbon fiber poles with one useful extra feature - the ability to break the poles down into two sections for easy transport.

Leki Carbon Ergometric Trekking Pole REVIEW

The first carbon trekking pole from Leki - top quality and very expensive.

Life-Link AT Superlight Trekking Pole REVIEW

Super stiff, super strong, these are bomber fixed-length mountaineering and bushwhacking poles!

Titanium Goat, Goat Poles Trekking Pole REVIEW

The Goat Poles rock for simplicity, stiffness, and light weight - but there are a few flaws that need attention.

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