Bikepacking at the Cusp

Nice gear is an added bonus, but don't get distracted by the research or gear hunting - the main goal is to get outside often!

An Introduction to Simple Fly Fishing

"The lesson that we learn from fishing with a tenkara rod is that we shouldn't fear that a simpler life will be an impoverished life. Rather, simplicity leads to a richer and more satisfying way of fishing - and more importantly, living." - Yvon Choiunard

Winter Cabineering – Part 2

Winter Cabineering not only makes your sleep more enjoyable, but you can save pack weight as well. It's a creative and unique way to winter camp.

Winter Cabineering – Part 1: Video Essay

Winter Cabineering is a great way to spend time outdoors and still be warm. Don't worry, the cabins should be plenty rustic so you can still get away from it all.

Snags with Tags

Curious on whether or not tags add significant weight to your gear? Well they don't! And there are far better ways to cut down on your gear weight!


Looking to jumpstart your backpacking experience? Try motorcycling to your next trip - it will get you into the lightweight mindset from the moment you step outside your door.

Recent Developments in Canister Stoves

Recent developments in canister stoves have the potential to upset a lot of the industry, as the leadership seems to have passed out of the hands of Western brands and into Asia. Stoves that were trumpeted as the state of the art by well-known Western brands now look a little old, tired, heavy and, well, clunky. We look at a few of the leading edge stoves from 2012 to see where things are going.

Lightweight Bikepacking: An Introduction

"This kind of cycling actually brings you closer to the land than hiking... because you must read the landscape so closely in order to ride across it." -Drew Walker, “The Talkeetna Traverse” Adventure Cyclist (Jan/Feb 2001)

Prospects for 2012: New and Noteworthy Gear

News from the cottage industry is conspicuously absent from Outdoor Retailer, where even modest booths can be more costly than a serious gear-buying habit. So, here are a few new and noteworthy pieces of gear from smaller manufacturers that were either released late in 2011 or are coming in 2012. Keep these items on your radar as you prepare for the coming season!

Canovaccio: Natural, Sustainable Pack Fabrics

New developments in durable and water-resistant backpack fabrics.

Uncovering the Truth: Underground Doping in the Long Distance Hiking Community

When Jason Goldman* (not his real name) completed a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in less than 100 days, not too many people paid attention: it had been hiked faster by others. But this was Jason's third thru-hike of the PCT. His previous two were completed in 183 and 174 days, respectively...

Paramo Waterproof Directional Clothing

Waterproof clothing without coatings or membranes: how they do it and how it works.

Professional Perspectives on Backcountry Photography

Perspectives from Tom Murphy, Rainbow Weinstock, and Rick Dreher on how professional photography fits with lightweight principles.

Green Waste? Trends in Retail Packaging for Outdoor Industry Products

Attractive and durable packaging is one thing; green packaging is quite another. The best companies have both. Learn about green packaging and see the best and worst of what the Outdoor Industry has to offer.

The eVENT Single Wall Tent: Here, Then Gone – What’s Replacing It?

Single wall tents made of the more-breathable-than-Gore-Tex eVENT fabric caused a lot of excitement upon their introduction a few years ago. At last, a nearly condensation free single wall tent was possible. Then suddenly, eVENT tents were no longer available. Now a new wave of fabrics touted as “highly breathable” are appearing in single wall tents. What happened? Are these new fabrics as good as eVENT?

The Arc Bag Concept: Saving Weight with Variable Girth Sleeping Bags Having an “Arc” Shaped Cross Section

As we prepare to announce the launch of the Backpacking Light website, it is probably appropriate to introduce a teaser about what we intend to spend a great deal of time with this year: clothing and sleep systems for ultralight hiking, with a focus on quilts.

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