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Paramo ( is a UK clothing company that makes a unique form of waterproof clothing without coatings or membranes. Paramo also makes base layers, mid layers, and windproof garments, but it is the waterproof clothing that I am interested with here and that lies at the heart of the range.

Paramo was created by Nick Brown, the chemist behind the Nikwax range of proofing and cleaning products. Back in the 1980s Nick had the idea for a new type of waterproof clothing using water repellency and wicking to keep the wearer dry, rather than barrier technology. He thought this system should be far more breathable, comfortable, and versatile than conventional rain wear. His prototypes worked as expected, but no outdoor clothing companies were interested in taking up the idea, so in the early 1990s Nick started Paramo Directional Clothing Systems to make and market the garments.

Paramo is the name of a cold, wet area in the Andes, lying above the timberline and below the snowline where Nick Brown first tested prototype Paramo garments.


  • Introduction & History
  • The Theory of Directional Waterproof Clothing
  • Paramo in Use
  • Care
  • Paramo Ethical Manufacturing
  • Garments

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