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Please note: this is a limited State of the Art review, not a State of the Market review. Not all available brands and models will be mentioned. Doubtless some companies, which don't get a mention, will be slightly miffed at their omission, but that is the price of falling behind in technology. As is frequently said in the high-tech arena, if you don't cannibalise your current products, someone else will.

It is worth noting that in our article Made in China, published in 2009, our view was nowhere nearly as rosy as will be expressed here. We commented in 2009:

'These are usually the same as what was OEM'ed but with enough cosmetic differences that they can get away with it. In some cases there are no differences at all, and the same products that they OEM are also shipped out via the back door (this applies to every single high-technology product made in China, bar nothing). The problem here, is that the designers in the West started the product at level A, and then developed it through B and C all the way to K. The Chinese who produce it only know that it looks like K - they don't understand A B C etc, they don't know why K looks like K, or why things are done a certain way. This means that they sometimes cut the wrong corners when doing their own versions.'

Actually, the quote here comes from a friend on mine who works in China, and has first hand experience there. The difference is that now in 2012 we are seeing serious design and development work happening in Asia. It only takes a couple of skilled guys at the leading edge to make all the difference.


  • Introduction
  • Scope and Assumptions
  • Essential Background
  • Who Makes Stoves?
  • The State of the Art
  • Snow Peak Litemax Ti, Kovea KB-0707
  • Fire Maple FMS-116T
  • Fire Maple FMS-300T
  • Kovea KB-1109
  • Fire Maple FMS-118
  • Other Brands
  • The Future

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