New England Traverse: Discovering a Wilderness Route

It's rare to find a remote route when trying to traverse New England. Worse yet, at the current rate this will only get worse. This could be remedied with greater conservation efforts in the region in an effort to preserve this beautiful land.

2013 Photo Contest Winners!

After receiving some stunning photos, our judges have chosen the best. Grab a seat and relive the experience.

Snags with Tags

Curious on whether or not tags add significant weight to your gear? Well they don't! And there are far better ways to cut down on your gear weight!

Backpacking Light 2013 Photo Contest – Part 1, Information for Entrants

Submit your best shots from 2013!

Traversing the Adirondacks by Foot and Packraft

Quiet streams and raging waters make for an incredible experience in the backcountry. The ADKs are home to a diverse array of animals and have a very appealing lure.

From Bushwick to Bushwhack: UL Compromises deep in the ADK wilderness

A beautiful area filled with stunning views and MUD. If you are looking for a good challenge east of the Mississippi this is for you.

Thru-Hiking Alaska’s Arctic: A 1,000 Mile Solo Traverse

Located above the Arctic Circle, the Brooks Range is one of the last true wildernesses. Here the grizzly bears, wolves, moose, and caribou roam free and the hiker is enveloped in nature.

The Wonderland Trail

Mt. Rainer is dominating and impressive. The Wonderland Trail circumvents this majestic peak offering stunning views and unprecedented access to this gem of the Pacific Northwest.

In 10 Days across Switzerland

Absolutely Stunning! This photo essay will take you over 14 mountain passes through one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Looking to jumpstart your backpacking experience? Try motorcycling to your next trip - it will get you into the lightweight mindset from the moment you step outside your door.

Light and Fast on Vermont’s Long Trail

280 miles in 10 days? You Betcha. The Long Trail has become a "right of passage" of sorts for unsupported thru hikers.

Finnish Thousand Meters Round

An in depth look at an exploration above the Arctic Circle. Journey to where Finland and Norway collide.

Columbia and Western: Castlegar to Christina Lake

The Columbia and Western is a section of the Trans-Canada Trail, a haven for thru Hikers. It caters to all skill sets and is a wilderness of pristine beauty.

Paddle Scouts: BSA Packrafting the Sun River Drainage, Montana

The lightweight philosophy coupled with high adventure creates a schoolroom for incredible growth. Witness it here.

A Guide to the Grayson Highlands

A unique and diverse area, the Grayson Highlands are an excellent hiking location in the Mid-Atlantic.

Off-trail in the Teton Wilderness – Take 2

Grizzly Bears! Mountain Goats! Elk! With a clear conscience the author returns to conquer this vast wilderness.

Off-trail in the Teton Wilderness

The Teton Wilderness is vast and beautiful. Take a journey through this landscape and enjoy the scenery.

Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon Photo Essay

Buckskin Gulch is one of the top 10 most dangerous hikes in America as sudden rain fall can lead to flash floods. Paria Canyon is stunning. Grab a seat and relive the journey.

Tenkara for Backpackers: State of the Market Report – Part 1

A look at the best rods to bring into the Backcountry. It may not be what you think. Sometimes the best combination takes into account both the weight and the reach of the rod.

A Philmont Journal – Part 5

Relive the exciting experience that is Philmont.

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