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I was recently invited to join Glen Van Peski, Read Miller, and Trinity Ludwig for a three-day hiking trip on one of the ten most dangerous hikes in America. Join us as we travel on a two state adventure through the world's longest slot canyon (Buckskin Gulch), and down breathtaking Paria Canyon.


  • Introduction
  • The Trip
  • Jeremy McAllister's Gear List
    • Packing Total: 14 oz
    • Shelter Total: 9 oz
    • Sleep System Total: 22.5 oz
    • Cooking / Hydration Total: 10.2 oz
    • Clothing Packed Total: 17.8 oz
    • Other Total: 3.3 oz
    • Consumables Total: 232.5 oz
    • Worn / Carried Total: 63.6 oz
    • Grand Totals

# WORDS: 1150
# PHOTOS: 15

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