Roomy, bombproof floorless shelter for one.


Well under 9 ounces, including pit zips - but those pit zips are pretty small

Patagonia Base Layers SPOTLITE REVIEW

Patagonia revamps its Base Layers for Fall 2006

Photon Freedom LED Micro-Light SPOTLITE REVIEW

This miniscule wonder has most of the functionality of a regular headlamp, at a fraction of the weight.

Double Wall Tents Review Summary and Gear Guide Overview

Comparison of, and performance ratings for, lightweight double wall backpacking tents.

Snot Spot Nose Wipes SPOTLITE REVIEW

Got snot? Slip a Snot Spot over your glove or mitten.

Mountain Laurel Designs Devotion 40 Sleeping Bag SPOTLITE REVIEW

Is an 11-ounce, 40-degree bag possible? Nunatak thinks so, and now so does Mountain Laurel Designs.

Integral Designs Pertex Wind Jacket SPOTLITE REVIEW

A 4.5 ounce jacket with quality components.

Lightweight Metal Frame Snowshoes Review Summary and Gear Guide Overview

Backpacking Light staff apply lightweight principles to rate eleven snowshoes based on field testing and lab measurements.

GoLite Virga Rain Jacket SPOTLITE REVIEW

6 ounces! 80 bucks!

Sierra Designs Isotope Rain Jacket SPOTLITE REVIEW

Full featured rain jacket that is under 6 ounces.

Helly Hansen Mars/Venus Windshirt SPOTLITE REVIEW

The lightest windshirt?

Montbell UL Wind Jacket SPOTLITE REVIEW

2.6 ounces, full zipper, does it hold up with use?


Light, cheap, Lexan eating utensils.

VersaLayer Stretchwoven Jacket Features Retractable Insulation (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006)

The first jacket to offer retractable insulation, so you can adjust your temperature level on the fly, without taking the jacket off.

Crocs Hydro Shoes (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006)

Foam shoe with neoprene, pull-tight ankle cuff.

Schooled By An Industrialist

Outdoor Industry Association keynote makes members squirm… we hope

Waldies Shoes (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006)

The original foam, waterproof shoe relaunches.

Leki Mountain Unlimited and Venom Vario Poles (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006)

2-Segment, less than 10 ounces per pole, carbon fiber and aluminum construction

Leki Carbon 12, 10, and 8 Poles (Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2006)

3 single-segment, carbon fiber, poles from Leki

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