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SOLD – MacPac Nitro Polartec Alpha Hoody – Men’s Medium – Navy – 4.7 oz
Gear Swap

Brand: MacPac (a New Zealand brand) Model: Men’s Nitro Polartec Alpha Pullover (Hoody) Size: Medium (this is a slim medium) Color: Navy Weight: 4.7 ounces (actual weight, see photos) Condition:…

Episode 72 | The Cottage Industry

In this episode we talk to Garage Grown Gear CEO and co-founder Lloyd Vogel where we’ll be diving into the outdoor gear cottage industry.

2022 Backpacking Light Members Choice Awards

First annual Members Choice Awards – what gear do our members use and love as we near the end of 2022?

Macpac Nitro Polartech Alpha Pullover

Gear reviews from our staff and members, buy/sell used, shopping tools, and more about the Macpac Nitro Polartech Alpha Pullover.

The Arc Bag Concept: Saving Weight with Variable Girth Sleeping Bags Having an “Arc” Shaped Cross Section

As we prepare to announce the launch of the Backpacking Light website, it is probably appropriate to introduce a teaser about what we intend to spend a great deal of time with this year: clothing and sleep systems for ultralight hiking, with a focus on quilts.


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