Simplifying a kit by taking as few things as possible
I’ve spent many years testing the idea that a kit that contains as few items as possible is very satisfying because there’s fewer things to keep track of. To that...
Backpacking Pyromania
One of my favorite activities in the backpacking experience is building a campfire; I look forward to it on nearly every trip I take.  In this video I explore my...
Why I Pack My Fears
Packing your fears is not smart backpacking; it takes up valuable space, adds weight and is generally not warranted.  However, for every backpacking trip I go on I pack an...
Finally…A Practical 1st Aid Kit for Backpacking
Finally…A Practical 1st Aid Kit for Backpacking   As backpacking has developed into a much more mainstream activity, participants have also learned to systematize their gear for efficiency & effectiveness. ...
Proposal for a novel backpack component: Movable Lumbar Pad
When you think about an effective backpack load distribution to the lower back, what will you focus on? I thought it will be achieved if lumbar pad is well fitted...
Ergonomic shoulder straps that reduce shoulder pain
Two methods for reducing backpack shoulder load have been well known. One is the load distribution to the lower back with hipbelt or lumbar pad. The other is the load...
Backpacking Organization
From home to the backcountry I like my gear to have a “place”.  At home it’s a bin for cookware, a bin for sleeping pads, a bin for tents, a...

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