Finally…A Practical 1st Aid Kit for Backpacking


As backpacking has developed into a much more mainstream activity, participants have also learned to systematize their gear for efficiency & effectiveness.  This is the first video in a new series where I explore each of the items I select from when putting together my backpacking system for any particular trip.  My backpacking system is made up of kits and each kit has gear in it that falls under one of three components:  essential (I’ll absolutely use it), contingent (I might use it), and luxury (it will make my backpacking experience more enjoyable).


Having a first aid kit while out in the backcountry should be an essential item in every backpacker’s system.  In this video, I explore each item in my 1st Aid Kit and why those items are included.  Please note that I am not professional medical provider and I am not offering medical advice, this is simply a presentation of what items compose my 1st Aid Kit.


Hopefully, you will find this information useful.  Please leave a comment to help me see what information you found useful or otherwise.  Thank you for watching and please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel.


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Blister Control Addendum