Packing your fears is not smart backpacking; it takes up valuable space, adds weight and is generally not warranted.  However, for every backpacking trip I go on I pack an emergency kit that has compact backup essential items and a few specialty items that I have found are useful to have while in the backcountry.  This kit is compact and lightweight so I can grab it and my 1st Aid kit to toss into a daypack for a quick summit hike or foraging hike.


In this video, I explore the contents of my Emergency Kit and why I pack each item.  Some of these items are stand-alone items that are not anywhere else in my backpacking system (multitool), other items are backups for my primary resources (water purification tablets).  Obviously, this does not include things such as food, insect/sun protection, hygiene, etc.  Those I will discuss in future videos.


Hopefully, you will find this information useful.  Please leave a comment to help me see what information you found useful or otherwise.  Thank you for watching and please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.  Thanks.


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