Nigor Didis 2 Tent, Part 2: A DIY/MYOG Case Study for Aftermarket Modifications to Improve Tent Performance

The author presents manageable solutions to improve performance of the Nigor Didis 2 Tunnel Tent using an MYOG / DIY approach that can be applied to any tent.

Primus Winter Gas Review

Primus released a new blend of gas known as Winter Gas. Does this blend increase fuel efficiency? Is it worth the cost?

Paramo Socorro and Katmai Shirts (Flash Review)

The Soccoro ladies shirt can be used in the field or while traveling, and makes for a nice gift.

Nigor Didis 2 Tunnel Tent Review Part 1

Tunnel tents are known for their robust frames and thriving in inclement weather. Does this tent from outdoor industry newcomer Nigor uphold to these standards?

Paramo Cambia T-Shirts

These t-shirts are made from 'directional fabric' that allows you to heat up or cool down to meet the weather conditions.

Spotlight: ALOCS Kettle

A lightweight kettle with a wide base.

A Brief Look at Lindal Valves

Testing shows debris could be inside canister fuels.

Sunrei Headlamp Review

A versatile headlamp with an innovative design that fulfills your needs without adding significant weight to your pack.

New Balance Leadville MT1210 Runners version 2 Spotlight Review

Very similar to the first version, these lightweight shoes perform well for trail running or hiking.

The Evolution of a Winter Stove – Part 5: Infra-Red testing

Dissatisfied with what was commercially available at the time, the author has been working on the design of a lightweight winter canister stove since 2007. This installment focuses on infra-red testing.

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