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Our last review of New Balance shoes was of the Leadville 1210 running shoe, designed for the Leadville cross-country race. We were much taken with the Leadvilles for running, and went so far as to buy some more ourselves. So what does New Balance do for an encore? Well, they refer to the MT910V1 shoe as the little brother to the Leadville (and a 'cousin' to the 890), and claim that, "the 910 borrows the best of both to create a lightweight, high-cushion trail shoe for all types of terrain". Not sure where the "little" bit comes from: the non-GTX version weighs almost exactly the same as the Leadville at 11.2 oz (318 g) each for size 10 4E. The marketing stuff says that, "the 910 is the flagship New Balance performance trail shoe" - for 2014 at least.

As you will note from the title, New Balance is making two versions of this model: the MT910V1 with a "mesh" body and the MT910V1GTX with a Goretex lining. The GTX version is about 2 oz (54 g) heavier. New Balance sent us one (pair) of each. My wife took the bright blue mesh version and gave the grey GTX version to me.

The shoes use the UL-1 last. The text with the shoes claims this gives a wider heel and a standard toe box; the diagrams suggest almost exactly the opposite. The New Balance web page explaining about lasts matches the text version.

Readers with a long memory may remember that I reviewed the MT910GT joggers early in 2010. Am I reviewing the same shoes again? Oh no - the ones I am reviewing here are the MT910V1 shoes and bear no relation to the previous 910GTs. Apparently New Balance understands this fine distinction ... Anyhow, these are new shoes.


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