BRS-3000T stove Spotlite Review

A very inexpensive yet lightweight and effective stove. Works great for small-group, overnight cooking.

Steripen Classic 3: Spotlite Review

SteriPEN has heeded our pleas and its newest model continues to offer great water treatment while getting rid of some of the bugs from previous models.

Can I Cook in my Tent?

Cooking in a tent has revolved around a stigma of gear destruction and personal harm. Cooking in a tent is not that dangerous and being responsible and aware of the hazards allows for safe cooking in a tent.

RapidPure Filters Review

Some filters leave a bad taste while others do an insufficient job of treating the water. The RapidPure filter changes the game and pushes the boundaries of water treatment.

The Evolution of a Winter Stove – Part 4 – Lessons Learnt

About 110 people bought the custom stove and served as beta testers. Their feedback highlighted some of the benefits and bugs of the stove.

Delmar’s Poll

Delmar O'Donnell conducted a poll of BPL readers and teamed with Roger Caffin to relay the results which tell a lot about the BPL demographic and their backpacking preferences.

Deejo UL Knives

A very lightweight and practical backcountry knife. Useful for food prep with good hardness for its price.

Jiva Coffee Cubes

Perhaps a bit more exotic than your traditional black coffee, Jiva Coffee Cubes simplify the process of coffee making and are a viable option for backcountry coffee making.

The Care and Feeding of Lindal Valves

Lindal valves are what makes your stove work (or not work). Their proper care can keep your stove running for years.

New Balance MT910V1 and MT910V1GTX Trail Shoes Review

The flagship of New Balances's 2014 lineup, the MT910s perform well in a myriad of conditions and provide comfort and stability while on the trail.

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