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I should start by explaining that the photo here is a stock photo from Ex-Officio. My arms are not that hairy. OK.

Ex-Officio actually make two similar models of briefs: the Briefs shown here and some Sport Briefs. The latter are shorter in the waist, but otherwise identical as far as I can see. I will focus on the Briefs because I find them much better for walking.

Incidentally, Ex-Officio actually call them "Brief," in the singular. This is the same as talking about "trouser" - I can see the logic, but I can't do it.

The company claims that the fabric "air-dries within hours" and is "extremely breathable, moisture-wicking, odor resistant finish." I can confirm the fast drying bit. I would say 'fairly breathable' as they do get just a little sweaty during a hot Sydney summer day of 35 C and 80% RH - but so does the rest of me. I can neither confirm nor deny the 'odor-resistant' bit.

The third feature I like is the design. The Briefs are taller in the waist region than many other (Australian) underpants. But the other ones seem to fight many hipbelts, getting either pushed down (most often) or pulled up. Neither is satisfactory. The waist region of the Ex-Officio Briefs is flat enough that they seem to stay nicely in position on my waist despite the movement of the hipbelt.


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