There are quite a few small upright heat-exchanger stoves on the market now. In general they consist of a stove unit which screws onto the top of a canister and a special pot with a heat exchanger on the bottom. The first one was released by Jetboil, and we believe that it was made for Jetboil by Primus. It was distinguished by having a very bulky black plastic surround on the stove, which was meant to support the pot - except that the bottom parts of the support didn't connect with the canister.

Well, this stove looks very similar to the Jetboil - but it also looks similar to the copies made by other brands

Heat exchanger stoves are all a bit more fuel-efficient than the basic upright stove such as the Primus Express, but you usually pay for this small saving in fuel weight by a large increase in the weight of the stove system. Exactly why a heat exchanger stove needs such a bulky lump of stuff around the basic burner is not at all clear, although this one does have an extra feature not found on other similar models. It comes with a 'hanger system' which has two parts.


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