The Nemo Equipment Siren Quilt is a warm-weather backpacking quilt that packs a feature rich, ultralight punch.

The Siren has a silky feel, comes with a well-designed stuff sack, and boasts a lifetime warranty from Nemo. I found the pad attachment system to be a little problematic, however.

nemo siren firstlook 1
Photo: Nemo Equipment

Features and Specifications


  • 100% Responsible Down Standard (RDS) Certified
  • Vertical baffles
  • Backless design
  • Stretch footbox
  • Cord sleeping pad connection system
  • Compression stuff sack
  • Mesh storage bag
  • NEMO Lifetime Warranty


  • Shell and lining fabric: DWR 10D Nylon Micro Ripstop
  • Fill power: 850 down
  • Fill weight: 10 oz  (285 g)
  • Temperature Rating: 45F  (7C)
  • Minimum weight: 21 oz  (600 g) – Author verified at 19 oz (538g) without compression sack
  • Packed size: 14.0 x 5.5 in diameter  (35 x 14 cm diameter)
  • Fits Up To 6 ft (183 cm)
  • Shoulder Girth: 53 in (135 cm)
  • Hip Girth: 48 in (122 cm)
  • Knee Girth: 39 in (99 cm)

Description of Field Testing

My First Look at the Nemo Equipment Siren consisted of preliminary indoor testing with an eye towards build quality, fabric appeal, down loft and consistency, and design considerations.  My limiting factor on further testing was extreme cold conditions in the Canadian Rockies at the time of writing this article (this is, after all, a warm-weather quilt).

My future trips with the Siren include a two-week excursion to one of Canada’s most remote and northern National Parks.  As such, I intensely focused on accurately judging the potential performance of the Siren. I cannot afford a gear failure on this trip; my life could depend on it.

nemo siren firstlook 5
Good things come in small packages.

Product Strengths and Limitations


  • Luxurious feeling fabric
  • Superior construction quality and attention to detail
  • Tiny packed size
  • Beautiful stitch quality
  • Spacious footbox
  • Well-designed compression sack
  • Drying loops on bottom of quilt


  • Slightly heavier than competing quilts of similar temperature ratings
  • Pad attachment system is fiddly (especially in mittens and gloves) and presents a strangle hazard for child backpackers
  • No length or gender options
  • No options for customization
  • Yellow interior color attracts aphids in the Canadian Rockies
  • Warm weather insulation version only
  • “Stretchy” footbox doesn’t seem to stretch all that much
  • No length or gender options

Compared to….

QuiltMSRPWeightFabricFillLengthShoulder WidthTemperatureCustomizable
Nemo Equipment Siren Quilt$269.9519 oz (538g)DWR 10D Nylon Micro Ripstop850 FP down fill80 in
(203 cm)
53 in (135 cm)45F (7C)No
Enlightened Equipment Revelation Quilt$255.0015.81 oz (448 g)10D Nylon850 FP down fill78 in (198 cm)54 in (137 cm)40F (5C)Yes
Loco Libre Gear 40° Ghost Pepper Topquilt$283.0015.7 oz
(445 g)
Argon 67800 FP down fill80 in
(203 cm)
52 in (132 cm)40F (5C)Yes

The Nemo Equipment Siren Quilt is a one-size-fits-all, one temperature rating, non-customizable product. Such limited choice is in contrast to much of the quilt market where small and cottage manufacturers still dominate (though larger manufacturers are making in-roads). In this case, the Nemo Equipment Siren Quilt is suitable for users up to 6 ft (183 cm) and for temperatures of 45F (7C).

Let’s dig into this. For a similar price as the Siren, I could get a customized quilt rated for 40F (5C) weighing in at 14.71 oz (417g) in my beloved purple color from Enlightened Equipment.

I will stop here and say this: I have a quilt from Enlightened Equipment. Though I’m fond of my quilt, I find the Enlightened Equipment build quality is not as even and regular as Nemo Equipment. There are fabric differences as well.  Even in the yellow color (which acts as a magnet for aphids in the Canadian Rockies), I prefer the feel of the Nemo Equipment 10D Ripstop to the 10D nylon fabric of my Enlightened Equipment quilt. I will also say that I am not a fan of my Enlightened Equipment stuff sack and replaced it before I even tested the quilt. Not so with the Nemo Equipment compression sack. If I stuff the Siren, it will likely be in the provided stuff sack.


My first thought when unpacking the Nemo Equipment Siren was, “This is the most intuitive compression sack I’ve ever seen straight out of the box.”

This compression sack is a design masterpiece for two reasons:

  1. It is large enough to stuff the quilt easily and quickly: no frustrating struggle when packing up on the trail.
  2. It features four strap tensioners, two of which are attached to buckles, making compression easy while wearing gloves or mittens or while in a hurry.
nemo siren firstlook 6
The Siren’s thoughtfully designed compression sack is easy to handle with gloves.

My second thought after unpacking the Siren was, “How did such a lofty quilt fit into such a small bag?” The 850 down is of premium quality and is RDS certified. I searched for feather quills and escaping down and did not feel any as I squeezed and probed the quilt top to bottom.

The 10D ripstop Nemo uses on their bags and quilts is one of my favorite outdoor fabrics; it is soft, silky, and luxurious.

Nemo Equipment imparts high build quality into every quilt or bag I have ever seen of theirs. The Siren is no exception. I couldn’t find any loose stitches or stray strands anywhere on the quilt. The Siren also features two loops at the bottom for hanging to dry, a thoughtful touch.

nemo siren firstlook 8
So fluffy!

The Siren’s toebox is massive: 12 in deep (30.5 cm) and17 in wide (43.18 cm). Nemo calls it a  “stretch footbox”. I didn’t notice much stretch in the fabric, though it’s not entirely without stretch either. Nemo Equipment’s idea here is to make the quilt draft-less by anchoring the quilt underneath sleeping mats of all sizes.

The Siren also features two snaps and a pair of elastic drawstrings at the mouth of the quilt for anchoring both ends down to prevent drafts. I like to thrash around a bit and will likely not want to anchor it this way often, but I will test it on my upcoming trips to see if I change my mind.

nemo siren firstlook 7
The Nemo Equipment Siren Quilt features a deep and wide foot box with two hanging loops for drying. Pictured here with the Nemo Equipment Insulated Tensor Ultralight Mummy Regular Sleeping Pad tucked inside the foot box.

This brings me to the only feature I dislike on the Siren: the cord anchoring system. The design is minimalist, ultralight, and adaptable to almost any sleep mat size. However, I’m not a big fan. The cords are light, and they catch on everything. They are not cooperative when sliding a sleeping mat inside the quilt, especially when wearing gloves and bulky layers. I ended up with cords on the bottom of the mat and top of the mat. As I crawled in and out of the quilt, I snagged the cord on my neck.

The system is great in theory and will work for some people, but it is not ideal for me. It would not be a deal breaker for me either, especially considering that this quilt is intended for warm-weather and wearing gloves while using the cords will not always be a given.

Though I prefer Enlightened Equipment’s stretch straps and buckle anchoring system by far, I also recognize it is more bulky and heavy than Nemo Equipment’s cord system. There are some positives to Nemo’s approach: the cord is reflective and has free-flowing anchor eyelets, allowing the cords to tighten without a hitch once they are in the correct place.

nemo siren firstlook 9
The Nemo Equipment Siren Quilt’s cord system is minimalist, ultralight, and adaptable to almost any sleep mat size. I found it awkward and problematic to work with though.

One thing I have always appreciated about Nemo Equipment is their attention to small details. With the Siren that attention manifests itself in the superior fabric quality, excellent stuff sack design, and thoughtful drying loops. While I think the pad attachment system could use some work, overall, I am excited to use the Nemo Equipment Siren Quilt in the 2019 season.

Where to Buy

  • You can find the Nemo Equipment Siren at REI.

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