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Enlightened Equipment is a cottage manufacturer known for their high-quality down quilts. They also offer a line of synthetic quilts, introduced in 2016. Enlightened Equipment synthetic quilts are cheaper than their down counterparts, with the added advantage of retaining insulating loft in response to moisture accumulation (a distinct advantage in wet and/or humid conditions). Specifically, this Enlightened Equipment Revelation APEX Quilt Review summarizes nearly a year of evaluating the quilt. (FYI: The Revelation Apex was formerly known as the Prodigy).

Stock Photo: Enlightened Equipment Synthetic Prodigy Quilt
Stock Photo: Enlightened Equipment Revelation APEX Quilt (shown is the 2016 version, then known as the “Prodigy”.)


  • Synthetic Climashield Apex insulation
  • Affordable price compared to down
  • Partially zippered, drawstring foot box to vent or seal in heat, as desired
  • Loss of insulative ability is minimized when compromised by moisture (compared to down)
  • Less negatively affected by sweat and oils than down for warm weather trips


  • CLIMASHIELD™ APEX 8.0 APEX synthetic insulation
  • Partially zippered/drawcord foot box
  • 10 Denier Ripstop Nylon with Durable Water Repellant shell/lining (lighter and heavier fabric options are available)
  • Versatile, made-to-order, width/length sizing from Slim/Junior – Extra Large/Extra Wide

Included with the Product

  • Quilt
  • Silnylon Stuff Sack (.3 oz.-.8 oz./8.5 g – 22.7 g)
  • Breathable Nylon Storage sack
  • Elastic Straps x2 (0.4 oz./11.3 g each – One Straight, One Loop)

Review Context

The Enlightened Equipment Quilt will be traveling the Canadian Rockies, the Canadian West Coast Rainforest and the beautiful shores of New Zealand.
In addition, closing commentary featuring Ryan Jordan’s experience with his version of the same quilt (a 7d, Reg/Reg 50 deg F version) is offered in the context of two-quilt layering systems for both fringe and winter season pursuits.

Field Testing

Much to my excitement, Enlightened Equipment offers a synthetic version of their quilts. While this may seem less enticing to down lovers (typically, I am a down lover),  it excites me as much as making a trip through a coastal rainforest this year. Obviously, I need warmth retention if things get damp during unpredictable and exposed weather conditions. Synthetic fill becomes essential during winter trips and some of the exposed mountain routes I plan to do.

Quilt ModelFill Type Minimum Weight PossibleCostRetains Insulation Value when Damp
Revelation APEXSynthetic XS 5'/ Slim 50" / 50F(10C) / 10D = 11.62 oz (329 g)195.00 USDYes
RevelationDown XS 5'/ Slim 50" / 50F(10C) / 10D / 950 down fill = 8.60 oz (244 g) 270.00 USDNo

Performance Assessment

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