Podcast Episode September 9, 2022

Episode 67 | How to Poop in the Woods (Skills and Tools for Backcountry Pooping)


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In this skills short episode of the Backpacking Light Podcast, Andrew and Ryan talk sh**, a.k.a, 💩.

How to poop in the woods? It’s an age-old question, particularly as popular backcountry sites become more crowded.

This episode addresses the question of how long poop takes to decompose and suggests alternative LNT-approved methods (beyond catholes) for dealing with human waste.

a collection of tools for pooping in the woods. Text reads Backpacking Light podcast 67, How to Poop in the Woods


  • 0:00:00 – podcast introduction
  • 0:01:14 – the old ways of waste disposal in the backcountry and their issues (does poop decompose?)
  • 0:04:39 – why include a trowel in your kit
  • 0:06:01 – wag bags
  • 0:10:24 – hygiene in the backcountry
  • 0:13:58 – final thoughts: preventing GI distress through hygiene


  • 💩.

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    Mark L
    BPL Member


    I’d like to testify that the CuloClean bidet has been life changing for me.

    I just pop it onto the top of one of my water bottles.

    As a life-long sufferer of the roids, if I had used this earlier in life it would have saved me immeasurable suffering. It also would have kept me backpacking during times of major flareups.

    I use it at home all the time, and won’t travel without it. Once you get the hang of it (took me all of 2-3 times maybe) you can use it with great proficiency. I get about 3 uses out of 1 liter of water – in all kinds of bowel conditions. For the first dozen or so uses, keep a bit of TP handy just to verify that things are fine, then you can trust your work and air dry.

    And here’s a great hint for you which I read on an Amazon review and works wonders: pre-wet. Yes, just a quick shot of water before the deed seems to significantly reduce the need for a large volume of water after. I guess it reduces stickiness. Then a quick couple of blasts and – glorious!

    Only someone who has been in surgeries and various agonies over this issue can fully appreciate just how life changing this tiny little cap can be. Smearing with TP seems utterly bizarre to me now.




    AK Granola
    BPL Member


    Mark if you have roid issues, it’s totally worth the cost to install a bidet seat on your toilet at home. Warm water wash, lovely warm air dry.

    Adrian Griffin
    BPL Member


    Locale: Sacramento

    Got a CuloClean this season. I swear by it. Works better than TP, and no worries about running out of TP if my meals go through me fast on a several-day trip. I’ve crossed TP off my packing list!

Viewing 3 posts - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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