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Live Event Info: How to Plan Food for a Backpacking Trip (Member Live Q&A) – November 18, 2021 6:00 PM US Mountain Time

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Event Agenda


Planning your food for a backpacking trip can be a little overwhelming, and we hope to identify the tasks and simplify the process a bit for you. In this Member Q&A, you’ll learn about calorie planning, nutritional considerations, and food packaging and storage strategies.

1. Keynote: AN OVERVIEW OF BACKCOUNTRY FOOD PLANNING (~45 minutes, by Ryan Jordan)

    • caloric density
    • nutritional diversity
    • the role of macronutrients
    • energy-mile theory & calorie planning
    • weight loss expectations
    • food packaging and storage
    • fuel planning, simmering, hot-soaking, and cold-soaking
    • featured recipe!

2. Backcountry Food Planning Q&A (~15 minutes)

  • micronutrients: from food or supplements?
  • when to take nutrient supplements
  • what’s really changed in trail cooking during the past 40 years?
  • options for DIY meal packaging for small cook-in-bag meals < 1 pint
  • dehydration impacts when using constant-temperature ovens/dehydrators
  • what about calorie-to-food volume ratio of dry foods – how to improve?
  • how to keep fresh ground coffee fresh on a long trip

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