Oware Poncho/Tarp REVIEW

The lightest silnylon poncho/tarp we have reviewed, but also the shortest.

Oware Silnylon Rain Chaps REVIEW

Lightweight (3 oz), simple, and long.


Slick, two-person inflatable single wall tent.

Patagonia Micropuff Vest REVIEW

Simple, lofty and light - to be replaced fall '06 with a heavier version - too bad.

Western Mountaineering Flash Vest REVIEW

The lightest down vest on the market, with a full zip but no neck coverage.

Jacks ‘R’ Better JRB Down Hood REVIEW

Seals perfectly with the head opening in the JRB poncho quilts and has lots of puff for the weight, but the non-adjustable neck opening can let in drafts when it is used for sleeping.

Innovations by Fin Finbar Hood REVIEW

A big (almost 7-ounce), synthetic hood for cold weather.

Jacks ‘R’ Better JRB Down Sleeves REVIEW

Lightweight, stand-alone down sleeves to pair with a vest or wearable poncho quilt.

Outdoor Research Nimbus Sombrero REVIEW

A warm weather, wide coverage, rain hat from the makers of the classic Seattle Sombrero.

Outdoor Research Women Cloudburst Hat REVIEW

Outdoor Research Women introduces a lightweight, warm weather, sun and rain hat.

Sierra Designs Hyperlight Tent REVIEW

Spacious, durable, wind-stable 4.5 lb tent - while very light for its size, it still can't match the area to weight ratio of our highest rated double wall tent.

Big Sky Evolution 2P Tent REVIEW

Other double-wall tent manufacturers claim that their tent is “ultralight” or even “hyperlight,” but the Evolution 2P really IS light without sacrificing anything in features or convenience - but of course it's not perfect.

Big Sky Revolution 1P Shelter REVIEW

There are lighter and roomier silnylon tents, but this is the lightest freestanding breathable fabric (Epic) solo tent on the market.

Mountainsmith TrekLight AT 55 Backpack REVIEW

Cutting edge design and materials, loaded with features, user-friendly, load capable, and fits like wearing a vest - but a tad heavy by lightweight standards, and needs a few tweaks here and there.

MontBell U.L. Alpine Down Hugger Thermal Sheet Sleeping Bag REVIEW

Summer weight sleeping bag or winter bag liner with great features, but a fairly trim fit.

Big Agnes Lost Dog 50 Sleeping Bag REVIEW

Generously sized summer synthetic top bag that is on the heavy side of lightweight.

Jacks ‘R’ Better Shenandoah Summer Quilt REVIEW

Rectangular down quilt that weighs less than a pound and has features that adapt it for top blanket or hammock underquilt use.

Osprey Exposure 36 Backpack REVIEW

A feature-laden pack designed for alpine climbing and ski mountaineering that doesn't translate well for general purpose use.

Black Diamond Shadow 55L Backpack REVIEW

A solid - read, heavy - and well-designed climbing pack with a unique Y-frame capable of carrying a lot of weight.

Gregory 2005 G Pack Backpack REVIEW

Comfortable, light (but it should lose half a pound), and compact backpack with enough capacity and load control to support multi-day outings.

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