Black Diamond Alpine Start Hoody review

For their first ever attempt, Black diamond created a versatile, durable, and waterproof windshirt that raises the bar for ultralight windshirts.

REI Dash 2 (2-Person, Double Wall) Tent Review

A lightweight, high performance tent great for ultralight backpackers looking for more comfort in the wilderness - most notably couples.

Gränsfors-Bruks Mini Hatchet Review

While not a part of the traditional lightweight backpacker's gear list, a hatchet is a great piece of gear that can bring a unique perspective to fire building and shelter making.

Concerning the Wilderness Serape

Despite the added weight, a Serape is a versatile piece of backpacking gear that can help manage the sudden weather changes.

Stephenson 2C Tent Review – Part 2

A performance review of the Stephenson 2C - the smallest and lightest "climber's" version from the ultralight line of tents from the Stephenson family of New Hampshire.

Lil’ Bugout Shelter Review

An uncommon design transforms the Lil' Bugout into a weather fortress. And it has plenty of space to keep you cozy as you weather the storms.

AT Nordic Ski Systems: Discovering the Best of Backcountry Nordic and Alpine Touring Systems Through Hybridization

Combining the best of both worlds, AT Nordic ski systems give you comfort, stability, and lightweight as you explore the backcountry.

New Balance MT910V1 and MT910V1GTX Trail Shoes Review

The flagship of New Balances's 2014 lineup, the MT910s perform well in a myriad of conditions and provide comfort and stability while on the trail.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear UltaMid 2 Shelter Review

With room for sleeping and gear storage as well as a durable construction that can handle a range of weather conditions, the HMG UltaMid is an ideal shelter for lightweight backcountry travel.

Backpackable Wood Stoves: Theory and Ultralight Application

Backpackable wood stoves will add weight to your pack, but they have many benefits, such as, peace of mind, warmth, and the ability to dry wet gear.

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