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The Oware Silnylon Rain Chaps are two simple trouser legs made of silnylon, without the entire backside/crotch region. Unlike full pants, they can be put on one leg at a time, and of course they weigh less. There are loops of bungee cord at the ankles with cord locks, and tape loops at the ankles for instep cords so you can tie them down for use in the snow. The silnylon extends up the sides to some sewn-in lengths of nylon cord, which are used to hold them up. The Rain Chaps combine well with the Oware Poncho/Tarp or any poncho/tarp.


  • Introduction
  • What's Good
  • What's Not So Good
  • Specifications: Year/Model, Weight, Fabric, Features, MSRP
  • Performance
  • What's Unique
  • Recommendations For Improvement

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