High Gear ATF8 Multi-Function Device

The ATF8 is almost everything I am looking for in a multi-function watch, without being merely a watch. It has proven to be accurate, durable, and easy to learn and use.

Black Diamond Infinity 60 & Innova 50 Backpack Review

Freedom of movement is the next advancement in internal frame backpack technology, but it appears to have limitations.

SPOT2 Personal Locator Review and Extensive Field Test

Results of 80 days (750 hours) of field testing of the new SPOT2 in Alaska, the Andes, the Pyrenees, and the Lower 48, including the Sierras and a southwest canyon system.

MontBell Ultra Light Super Spiral Down Hugger #3 Sleeping Bag Review

MontBell’s body-hugging stretch technology is lightweight and adds warmth, yet the bag extends to accommodate a wide range of sizes, shapes, and sleeping positions.

Therm-a-Rest Haven Down Top Bag Review

The Therm-a-Rest Haven is a simple sleeping bag: a zipperless down mummy bag with a bottom opening and pad straps that qualify it as a top bag. At about a pound and a half the Haven is light, packs small, and is relatively affordable for its (claimed) 20 F (-7C) rating.

Big Sky International Mirage 1P Tent Review

Two-pound free-standing single-wall solo tent with lots of interior usable space, good ventilation, good wind and storm protection, and it sets up in one minute!

POE Ether Elite 6 2/3 Length Air Mat Product Review

We know plain air mats tend to be rather cold, but can this be alleviated by including a very thin layer of synthetic insulation inside the mat on one surface? This is what Pacific Outdoor Equipment have attempted to do with this very light Ether Elite 6 air mat.

MontBell Tachyon Anorak and Dynamo Wind Pants Review

This very lightweight wind shirt and pants are remarkably useful and versatile.

Vaude Power Lizard UL Tent Review

The Power Lizard lays claim to the lightest two-person double-wall tent in the world, but does that make it the best one?

ULA Epic Pack Review

This improved pack handles heavy or awkward loads with ease, for your Epic adventures.

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