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Lightweight Synthetic High Loft Insulating Jackets/Pullovers and Vests: REVIEW SUMMARY and GEAR GUIDE OVERVIEW
Companion Articles: The Patagonia Micro Puff Pullover stood out among the jackets and pullovers tested. Here, our Product Review Director Alan Dixon is obviously enjoying field testing the Micro Puff...
Patagonia Micro Puff Pullover REVIEW

Lightweight Polarguard Delta-insulated pullover.

Montane Solo Jacket REVIEW

Insulated jacket with integrated shell hood - lots of features to boot.

Montbell U.L. Thermawrap Inner Vest REVIEW

Synthetic, no-frills, ultralight insulating vest.

Golite Buzz Jacket REVIEW

Lightweight synthetic high loft insulating jacket.

Montbell U.L. Thermawrap Jacket REVIEW
Overview Don in his Montbell U.L. Thermawrap Jacket on a climbing trip along the Mogollon Rim, Arizona The Montbell U.L. Thermawrap Jacket is dedicated to no frills lightweight performance. At...
Camelbak Kronos Backpack REVIEW
Overview Photo 1: Camelbak Kronos The Camelbak Kronos is designed as a hybrid between traditional and ultralight packs. The Kronos features a ventilating Exo-Air™ Soft Frame and a 3-liter hydration...
Single Wall Tents and Shelters Review Summary

Comparison review of single wall tents and shelters for lightweight backpacking.

Night Time Condensation on Tarp and Tent Fabrics

Preliminary field research on the nature of condensation and dew formation on different shelter fabrics.

Backpacking Food List: Protein-Powered Food for Sustained Energy

Looking to boost energy while keeping the weight down? Try this protein-powered food list for backpacking.

GoLite Den 2 Tent REVIEW

Single wall two hoop design provides exceptional headroom and interior space, and a full panel door offers terrific views and good ventilation.

Eureka Zeus 2EXO Tent REVIEW
Overview The Eureka Zeus 2EXO is a lightweight single wall tent with exoskeleton frame that stands out because of its numerous features, reasonable price, and quality construction. On the other...
Kelty Flight 2 Tent REVIEW
Overview The Kelty Flight 2 is a single wall lightweight tent with a two-pole exoskeleton frame. It has numerous features, a reasonable price, and quality construction. However, the ventilation design...
MSR Twin Peaks Shelter REVIEW

Comprehensive review of the MSR Twin Peaks Shelter, a single wall floorless tarp shelter that uses two trekking poles for setup.

Ultralightweight gear puts bounce in backpackers’ stride
BOZEMAN, MONT. – When Demetri Coupounas came bounding out of the Vermont woods earlier this month, he knew exactly how long it had taken him to hike the 280-mile Long...
MSR Missing Link Tent REVIEW

Review of the MSR Missing Link Tent - a single wall, two person shelter that can be pitched with a pair of trekking poles.

Six Moon Designs Europa 2 Review

Single wall tent from cottage manufacturer, one rear hope pole, one trekking pole for setup. 2 lbs.

GoLite Trig 2 Shelter REVIEW

The GoLite Trig 2 Shelter is a single wall pup tent on steroids - it offers more ventilation options and a two-trekking pole pitch.

Black Diamond Firstlight Tent Review

So, how do you make a waterproof tent out of non-waterproof fabric? Black Diamond shows us how with the Firstlight EPIC by Nextec single wall freestanding tent.

45 Miles in 47 Hours: What You Can Do With a Weekend Using Lightweight Backpacking Gear

What can you accomplish in a three-day weekend with lightweight gear?

Commentary on Sleeping Bag Rating Specifications (2004)
Real World Testing By Alan Dixon   Moisture management plays a significant role in sleeping bag performance and selection. A synthetic-fill bag’s resistance to performance degradation as it gets wet...

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